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Games where you can win real money

The focus here is real money games – online casino games where you can play real money and win real money. The real money gambling site comes in many forms online, so here’s a quick breakdown of the real money gaming options that are covered on Real Money Games Canada.

  • Slots: Often in five-reel or three-reel form, slot games are the most popular online casino games. Their ease of play, fun variations, and potentially gigantic winnings – particularly on the progressive jackpot slot games – draw in huge crowds of players. The premise is simple; you select the number of lines that you want to play on the board and the amount that you want to bet per spin, then press spin. The tiles roll in, and if any winning combinations occur along one of your paylines, you win the designated amount. The real thrills come from the bonus games which, when unlocked, brings in winnings far beyond that earned on a regular spin.
  • Poker: From the outside, the various forms of poker can be perceived as difficult due to the many winning combinations which can be made. But, really, they’re very simple card games that allow for big-money bets to be played while attempting to beat everyone else at the table. Texas Hold’em and five-card poker are the most popular forms of poker in online casinos, and while the player is sometimes playing for real money just against the dealer rather than a table of people, it’s still a thrilling game of tactics – it’s just that the player’s poker face can’t be interpreted by their opponents.
  • Video Poker: Much like regular poker, the most popular forms of video poker are Texas Hold’em and five-card poker, but variants which add more weight and winnings to certain cards – such as Aces or Jacks – add new levels to the play. It’s just the player versus the computer, so it greatly comes down to the initial draw, but the gameplay element is greatly sped up, allowing for more hands to be played in less time, compared to old-school table-based poker. For a game where poker luck can be tested more than poker tactics, video poker is a great way to earn some real money along the way.
  • Roulette: Possibly the most classic of all casino games, roulette is the game that pops into the mind whenever casinos, Vegas, or lucky numbers are discussed. With European or French roulette being the most popular forms of the game – because the American version reduces the odds against the player – it’s simply a case of betting on which number, set of numbers, column on the board, or colour is going to come in when the ball stops on the wheel. Roulette is greatly down to luck, but many of the real money games include hot and cold boxes that indicate numbers that have been coming up more frequently to inform your decision. A series of interesting strategies, such as d’Alembert and Martingale, have led some players to big wins too.
  • Blackjack: The card game of blackjack is simply about getting as close to or hitting 21 by combining the cards received without exceeding that number. In the regular game, the player is dealt two cards, from which they can opt to stick or hit: If they hit, they receive another card, which allows them to close in on the desired total of 21. However, in blackjack the players also play against the dealer, who is also playing by the same rules – but the player goes first on their decision to stick or hit, so if the player goes bust, the dealer will win.
  • Baccarat: Compared to the above options, baccarat is not played as frequently. However, it is a staple on the scene nonetheless. Baccarat is an easy to learn game of betting between two hands based on which one is predicted to get the point total closest to nine. Prior to the deal, the player will bet on either the player hand or dealer hand to win – sometimes a tie is also an option for betting – and once the cards are played, the player is paid if they predicted correctly. In the real money games where the regular rules are played, a win with a player hand bet is paid at evens but banker hand bets have a five percent commission charged on their evens odds. Draws usually pay at eight to one.
  • Craps: When picturing a Las Vegas casino, the mind sometimes turns to a crowded table with one person throwing dice across a green mat, followed by the crowd cheering them on. That is the game of craps, in which the goal is to correctly predict what number will be rolled in combination on two dice. Many different types of bets can be placed on the table to predict the number that’s going to be rolled – rather than just placing all on a number between two to 12 – so it is one of the more simple and yet endearing real money games on online casinos.

Free games (where you can win real money)

No, we’re not referring to the free play or try out modes that can be found on many real casino games at online casinos. Instead, here we’ll explain how to get free games on the real money games – which can actually win you some money.

Many sites slap a big sign-up offer on their front page that gives new players some matched deposit bonus money, and sometimes they will also have free spins tacked into those offers – which can be used to play for bonus money that will be converted into real money once the wagering requirements are met.

However, often after becoming a member of an online casino, a player can partake in promotions such as getting free spins on a new slot game or winning no deposit bonus money, where the winnings come back as real money rather than bonus funds. Sometimes these can even be found in the form of a sign-up offer; they won’t stand out as much as the welcome bonuses that offer money in the thousands, but they do offer immediate, real money returns when played after signing up.

Pros and cons of playing for real money compared to free games

The online casino experience is all about having fun and winning some money, and you can’t win money without playing for real money. Free games are all well and good, but games for real money are where players get maximum excitement and achieve the goal of winning some money.

However, free games do still serve their purpose. As you’re playing with your own money in real money games, you’ll want to make sure that the game that you’re putting your money into will both be enjoyable and give you a fair chance of winning, so trying these titles out in the free game mode is always a good idea. Also a wise move is checking out our review of the website, making sure that the real money game is a good one to play, so that you know exactly what you’re going to be playing and if it suits you.

Many games look very appealing as they’re designed in such a way – be they themed on your favourite film or simply have a huge jackpot attached – so making sure that they really are as good as they look before you commit real money to them is a smart move. Then, once you’ve found a game that will be fun for you to play and also brings great chances of making some money gambling, commit and enjoy the real money gaming experience.

There’s nothing like winning on some online casino games for real money from the comfort of your own home – or even while on the go on your mobile, provided that you can access the internet.

How do we choose our recommended casinos?

We here at Real Money Games Canada, we commit to extensive research to find the casinos that deserve to be recommended to Canadian online casino players. We choose the casinos with the best bonuses, the best game selections, the highest quality games, the best customer support, the best websites – along with many other factors that would impact the play of our readers.

Our reviews take a look at what other players in Canada, like yourself, have to say about their online gambling experience. Online casino portals in Canada feature inside information from other players about the best games, bonuses, and more. For example, this Leo Vegas Casino review highlights the best features of the casino specifically for Canadian players.

While welcome bonuses are the big draw for many online gamblers, we delve past that to show you what the offers actually entail, as well as everything else that the site has to offer.

  • We have forged this website to show Canadian players the best possible options when it comes to real money games. As Canadian reviewers, we know exactly what residents of the True North need to get the best online casino experience to be at its peak, so all of our content – from game information to casino reviews – is tailored to the Canadian gamer. We stand above the other casino review sites by making our key information accessible to the great residents of Canada as well as ensuring that it is all relevant to Canadian gameplay.
  • Canada is at the heart of all of our operations, and we only feature the very best Canadian casinos on our site. For sites to qualify, they must offer CA$ support as well as transactions methods favoured in Canada, as well as feature themes that are in-tune with modern Canada. This allows us to decipher which sites are worthy of the Canadian dollar, as well as to highlight to players why each site suits players in Canada.
  • Real Money Games Canada is so much more than a standard casino review site. While we do provide in-depth analysis and need-to-know information in the form of our casino reviews, we are a complete online casino resource. With all the latest news, reviews, beginner guides, strategy and tactics articles, and game information pieces, we are the full package and go-to source for everything online casino for Canadian players.
  • There are many perks of engaging in your casino play online in Canada, such as the fact that there is no longer a need to travel to a land-based casino and be tested against their often less player-friendly rules and odds than the online casinos offer in their far more competitive market. Canadians have embraced online casinos, which has led to lots of competition by providers, which has in turn led to many huge-money sign-up bonuses for new players. The fact that Canadian players have access to so many online casinos is both a blessing and a curse, as while there is a wide range of choice for players to select the best real online casino for them, there are a lot of bad online casinos out there. Luckily, Real Money Games Canada is here to help Canadian players find the best, most reputable sites for them, regardless of their level of experience.

There is a huge range of online casinos and real money games available to Canadian players, and we understand that it’s very difficult for players to know exactly where they’ll get the best casino experience via their internet browser or mobile device just by looking at a casino’s site or app.

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