About Us

Real Money Games Canada may have “established in 2017” stamped on the site, but the team’s online casino experiences from all sides of the industry – from gaming and reviewing to creating and developing – has been forged over the last couple of decades, making us one of the most relevant and experienced sites around.

While our team members are all expert online casino and game reviewers, they come from all corners of the industry and have joined forces for the sole purpose of bringing their fellow Canadian gamblers the best online casino experience.

Meet the Real Money Games Canada team

A site bearing the great name of Canada needs to have the best team members to ensure that we live up to the deservedly lofty expectations of Canadian gamblers. So, here’s the team that works tirelessly to bring you all of the latest and greatest information to enhance your online casino experience:

Jessica Weber: Coming from a family of land-based casino owners, Jessica knew that online casinos were the future, so she moved into the online industry. Now she reviews everything from sites to games to upcoming technology, helping Canadian players find their best gaming options of the present and the future.

Wayne Li: Born and raised in Edmonton, Wayne made a name for himself on the online casino scene straight out of college, creating casino gaming software that had him picked up by one of the biggest software developers in the world. With his keen knowledge of the inner workings of online casino games, Wayne thoroughly analyses real money games to inform our readers of how good they really are.

Sarah Martin: Having found a talent for writing, Sarah found her niche in casino reviews. Developing her career alongside the ever-evolving internet, she has been able to stay on top of the casino world, knowing exactly what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to online gambling.

Logan Brown: Success as a player in many online casinos gave Logan what can best be described as a sixth sense for great real money games. Knowing exactly what to look for when it comes to the various forms of online casino games, Logan identifies the fun games, the loose games, and the ones that bring something new and exciting to the table.

Antoine Gagnon: Years of experience in high-ranking roles at numerous online casinos and online casino groups have brought Antoine to our team, ready to reveal all of his insider-knowledge to our readers. Writing for his fellow Canadians, Antoine is determined to give his compatriots the full picture as they delve into the online casino scene.

Years in the industry

The all-Canadian core members of our team combine for over 50 years of experience in the various areas of the online casino industry, creating an all-star lineup of talents. We’re here to merge all of that key knowledge to produce a site that helps each and every Canadian have the best possible experience at any online casino that they visit.

We all know how popular online gambling has become, and that the market is overflowing with operators who want Canadian customers. So, we use our years of experience to cut through those not worthy of having Canadian customers, bringing you all that you need to know about the very best casinos and real money games for the great people of Canada.

We’re here whenever you need

With two fingers on the pulse of the online casino world, Real Money Games Canada provides regular updates to its reviews and guides to ensure that our Canadian readers can trust in us being their first port of call for the latest need-to-know information.

Thank you for visiting Real Money Games Canada, we look forward to enhancing your online casino experience in any way that we can!