Free Casino Games

Whether you’re an avid casino fan or just a casual gamer who plays from time to time, everyone loves testing their luck on casino games. This has led to a swell of people playing and enjoying free casino games, such as the top free flash games offered on this page.

Despite the free casino games not being played for real money for the most part – we’ll get to free casino games for real money shortly – many Canadian players still enjoy the play of the games and achieving a win for a number of different reasons.

Advantages of playing free casino games

A lot of Canadian gamers play the free casino games in their spare time just for fun, playing with fun-money against the computer on the classic table games like blackjack and poker or the most exciting and popular games of them all: the slot machines. A big win is still a big win, even if it isn’t for real money, and it is still wonderfully enjoyable.

Then there are people who have wisely read a Real Money Games Canada review, decided to try out a site, and then test a game in its free play or demo mode. The strategy of testing a game out first could be to learn the rules of a new game, check if the game is as good as the tile makes it look, or to see if the machine hints at being loose when played for real money. Either way, testing a free casino game before investing real money in it is always the smart move.

When it comes to the tactical casino games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette, testing out tactics on a free game can help out a lot down the line. With blackjack and poker, knowing when to stick or hit/raise is vital, and spending the time to learn these tactics for free can only be good. With roulette, trying out different betting strategies on the board can be a quick and cost-effective way of finding the best number combinations.

Finally, as mentioned, players still get a tickle of euphoria when winning on a free casino game despite real money not being involved, and part of that is down to the fact that the player hasn’t risked anything to get that win.

Being good for practice and testing as well as being very enjoyable has made free casino games very popular among all forms of online casino gamers.

How to play for free

Not all operators will cater for free versions of their games because, to be fair, they don’t need to and don’t immediately benefit from player engaging in free games. However, many of the top online casinos that we have reviewed and recommended do allow players – even those who haven’t signed up to the site – to try out games via free versions, using fun-money instead of real cash.

To play free casino games, all you need to do is hover over the game tile on the website’s home screen or categorised page, and click on the free play button rather than the real play button. It really is that simple. If the free play option isn’t visible from the website’s page, sometimes you can activate the free game option from within the game itself.

Can you make real money from free casino games?

In fact, there are a ton of free casino games that pay real money, because the right welcome offer or promotion will earn you free spins or no deposit bonuses to spend on real money games. With the bonus money and spins given to you for free – should you accept the offer given by select websites – you’re effectively playing for real money without putting your own money into the games.

When it comes to welcome bonuses, many sites – including the very best ones – will try to blow prospective customers away with bonus money in the thousands that often require rather lofty wagering requirements. So, sometimes it’s best to go for those that seem like they’re offering less at face value but are actually giving you more without strings attached. If you want to play free games that pay real money, then you’ll need to do it via no deposit bonuses or free spins.

Free casino games are a great way to start

Be it for the practice or the fun, Canadians all over are enjoying free casino games, and some are lucky enough to indulge in free real money games, but the real thrills and wins come from the real money games. Once a game has been explored and can be deemed a comfortable playing destination, be sure to give it a run for its money to take home some real winnings.