Responsible Gaming

As fun and enjoyable as gambling is, especially when the winnings come in, responsible gambling is the very important to consider both when gambling online or at a land-based casino. There are two main areas that you need to consider when it comes to responsible gambling: the first being where you’re gambling; the second being how you’re gambling.

Gamble at safe online casinos

There are so many incredible options for Canadians when it comes to gambling online, so we’ve singled out the casinos that are not only best regarding gameplay and bonuses, but are also safe to play. Our recommended casinos are legitimately licensed as well as being audited. The games also need to have been verified by a legitimate agency, such as eCOGRA, to ensure that they are using a truly random number generator and are completely fair.

Because the industry has become so massive, you shouldn’t have a problem with online casino safety at most of the biggest operators – and you certainly won’t with the Real Money Games Canada recommended sites – but rogue casinos do exist. You will want to avoid casinos that ask you for unnecessary personal information or extensive bank details upon signing up or ones that have very high minimum withdrawals. We will soon be providing you all with a blacklisted casinos section where we let you know which online casinos need to be avoided because at Real Money Games Canada, we truly care about your safety.

Online casinos require vigorous testing, licensing, and auditing to be verified as fit for use. The sites don’t necessarily have to be licensed by a Canadian gambling authority for them to played and trusted in Canada, though, as organisations like the Malta Gaming Authority are scrupulous in their evaluation of gambling sites and only license those safe and fit for purpose.

If in doubt, be sure to check our list of recommended casinos to ensure a safe online gambling experience. Unfortunately, if you do commit to an unsafe site, there often isn’t a lot that can be done, so be sure to stay safe from the outset.

Gamble Responsibly

With the rise of the internet, gambling has become even more accessible as people can simply play from home or on the go. Gambling can evoke a huge range of emotional responses, such as euphoria from a win or rage from a loss, and people can get addicted to the high side of gambling. When winning, it feels great because the player is also gaining money alongside being a winner, but a loss sees the opposite, as not only is it counted as an incorrect play, but also money is lost. Addicts will spend more than they can afford, not knowing when to stop, often trying to recover their losses by betting more – this needs to be avoided, completely.

Gambling, especially online, is a pastime that’s meant to be fun, and it is. Having a bet on a sports game can enhance the experience, or playing a couple of loonies on a casino game to see if you can win more is also very thrilling. But there’s a line that needs to be drawn. When gambling stops being fun, the games should no longer be played. Betting when it’s not for fun is a bad bet – and that counts for playing casino games as well.

To help maximise your gambling experience to keep it fun and to maximise your chance of winning, it’s always smart to research first. For sports betting, check out some statistics and to get a full view of the situation; and for casino games, be sure to check out some reviews to see if it will be what’s expected. Doing the research ensures that the player knows exactly what they’re getting themselves into, and will only play where they will have fun. Real Money Games Canada will help you in this pursuit with our comprehensive game and casino reviews.

Responsible gaming and responsible gambling are centred around the player not spending more on games or bets than they can afford to. That doesn’t mean just making sure that the player doesn’t go into their overdraft, it means that the money spent on gaming doesn’t inhibit their regular daily life. Online gambling should just be a hobby or a fun activity to be enjoyed, so if it’s taking more money than is affordable alongside living a regular life, it needs to be dialled back.

Responsible online casinos allow for players to enforce options which help them to resist a potential plummet into the dark world of gambling addiction. These options can include non-moveable deposit limits per month or week, or if necessary, blocks from online gambling sites. Online casinos and sportsbooks want their customers to have fun, and to return for that purpose but are more than willing to help those who may become addicted by implementing rules and limits to stop gambling addiction from taking hold.

Over 18 gambling

Online casino gaming and online gambling require the player to be 18 years old or above, with anyone playing under the age of 18 committing a crime. Now, all legitimate casinos will ask players to input their age when signing up, or even select an option before entering the site to clarify that they are of legal age, and they do so again when the player tries to withdraw their first win, asking for proof of identity.

When gaming online, be sure to use a safe casino and gamble responsibly. Gambling is meant to be fun, so when the fun stops, stop.