Play Real Money Roulette Games

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world, be that casino land-based or online. Canadian players swarm the online roulette games, placing down on their lucky number or tactically on the outside bets.

Roulette brings with it all of the thrills of any of the classic casino games, but with even more suspense and excitement. Watching the ball spin around the bowl to then drop into the wheel, bouncing in and out of the number pockets before finally settling, revealing the winners of the game.

You wouldn’t be here if weren’t at least considering playing online roulette for real money, so we’ve forged a helpful list below to show you the best online casinos where you can play the best online roulette for real money.

Rules of roulette

When a Canadian wishes to play roulette online for real money, we have quite a few options just to the type of roulette that they wish to play: European, French, and American.

The European and French tables are far more player-friendly, with only one zero on the wheel compared to the American versions two. This is significant because zeros lay in green pockets, which cannot be covered by outside bets, only inside bets – thus greatly increasing the house edge.

The French version is the most player-friendly as when a zero comes up, one of two rules can be applied. En Prison means that the outside bets are not lost; they stay placed on the same bet for the next spin. La Partage means that you recuperate half of your stake from the losing spin that landed on zero.

With the European, French, or American style roulette, you’ll find a wheel with numbers zero to 36 around the outside, with numbers alternating in the colours red and black. There is also a table for betting next to the wheel. Sometimes, in the American format of the game, there is another area on the betting table in the shape of an oval, known as the racetrack.

Once bets have been placed on the table, the dealer or computer will spin the roulette wheel and shoot a little ball around the bowl surrounding the wheel. The ball will eventually hit a diamond and fall into the wheel, bouncing around until nestled in a pocket, thus revealing winning bets.

Odds in roulette

The European, French, and American betting tables are laid out a little differently, but the same bets are available on each – with the added double-zero bet available on the American wheel. The American and European tables stack all of their outside bets at the bottom and down the right side of the table, whereas the French table has its outside bets surrounding the single bets.

With European roulette online real money games, and their French and American counterparts, you can place a chip anywhere in the inside betting area (where the numbers 0-36 sit) to bet on single numbers or sets of numbers. For example, you can bet on one number (straight), sets of two (split), a column of three (street bet), a set of four (square), or even six numbers at once (six-line), with a single chip so long as the numbers border each other.

Outside bets are the ones without single numerical values on them where you can bet on larger groups of numbers. To help anyone who would like to give French roulette a go, we’ll include the French roulette names for the outside betting areas here too.

So, you can bet on the classic red or black, signified by the colours boxed on the outside; go high or low or passe or manque, with low/passe covering numbers 1-18, and high/manque covering 19-36; and odd or even numbers or impair or pair.

Column bets (signified by the betting boxes on the right side) cover that entire row of numbers leading into it. Finally, you can also place dozen bets via the corresponding boxes underneath each dozen in European and American roulette – often titled 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. On the French table, however, the dozen bets are on the right side, above and below the column bets, marked P12, M12, and D12. P12, or premiere, refers to the dozen furthest to the left. M12, or moyenne, is the second dozen numbers, and D12, or derniere, is the third dozen – those closest to the outside column betting area.

On some American roulette wheels, there will also be a racetrack betting area, where the numbers sit in the order of the roulette wheel. There may also be some areas within the racetrack on which you can bet on sectioned off areas of the track as a grouped single bet.

The payouts on the table are as follows (keep in mind that you get these odds on your bet as well as your stake returned on a winning bet):

  • Colour 1:1
  • Odd or Even 1:1
  • High or Low 1:1
  • Dozens 2:1
  • Columns 2:1
  • Straight (1) 35:1
  • Split (2) 17:1
  • Street (3) 11:1
  • Square (4) 8:1
  • Top Line (5) 6:1
  • Six Line (6) 5:1

European and French roulette games have a house edge marked at 2.70%, but the American version gives a house edge of 5.26%. The house edge for European and French roulette for real money games is very good, significantly better than that of three-card poker, keno, craps, or Caribbean stud poker.

Real money live dealer roulette

With the live casino games becoming ever-popular, you can bet that the best online casinos will host a live dealer for roulette games. The best part of any roulette game is the suspense that comes with waiting for the ball to sit, so a live dealer game brings you the authentic roulette experience with the dealer spinning the wheel in real life, rather than you watching an automated animation of the ball suddenly sitting in a pocket.

Bonuses and no deposit options

Welcome bonuses are all over online casino sites, often offering bonuses in the thousands, but there’s a very strong chance that they will come with wagering requirements, often ones that entail low-value playthrough on table games such as roulette. However, LeoVegas – who host a stunning range of live casino games – have a welcome bonus of $250 for which table game bets count 100% toward the wagering requirements.

No deposit bonuses are very special and could mean that you get to play free roulette real money. They often come with wagering requirements to convert into real money, but that can be achieved by playing some free roulette win real money in reward, and keep going from there.

Real money roulette for mobile

It’s all well and good playing real money roulette online, but is there a real money roulette app? Well, there won’t be a specific app from a reputable operator, but many of the best casinos have apps or top-quality mobile sites that allow you to play their roulette games on the go.

Roulette strategies

Whether you’re betting on your lucky number or favoured colour, roulette is all luck. However, there are ways to increase your odds of winning, such as having a betting system, covering more numbers on the inside, or referring to the hot and cold numbers window. See more top strategies for roulette below.

Top 5 roulette playing tips

  • European and French over American.
  • Combine outside bets.
  • Include your lucky number when making inside bets – you’ll hate it if it comes in and you haven’t backed it.
  • Enjoy the suspense and thrills of the game, utilise live casino games to maximise the experience.
  • The worst bet on the board (American) is on 1-2-3-0-00, with a house edge of 7.89%.

Game variations

As we’ve seen with the differing boards, roulette’s three variations are European, French, and American. There are also different forms of each which implement different rules, but you can read about all of the different roulette variations here.

Get on the roulette wheel today!

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games, and that’s why we all love it! Be sure to check out our list of where to play roulette online for real money, and get yourself at the table to win big!