Play Real Money Video Poker

If you’re looking for big wins, speedy play, and an element of skill, video poker is the game for you. To add to this, for a lot of the different video poker games, the house edge is exceptionally slim. These elements have combined to make video poker into a fan-favourite among Canadian players, with the sometimes confusing rules of traditional, non-video poker games not influencing video poker games.

Here at Real Money Games Canada, we strive to make our reviews as comprehensive as possible to give you the best chance of selecting a casino for you. If you’re a video poker fan, or simply want to try out the popular game, then check out our list of recommended real money video poker online casinos:

The rules of video poker and how it plays

While there is a multitude of video poker variants out there – with the best ones residing at our recommended casinos – the principles are very much the same throughout, being based on the five-card draw poker card game. The aim is, with your five cards, to hit any of the winning hands highlighted on the pay table. These hands will usually be recognisable to you as winning hands in regular table poker or online poker.

With online video poker games, naturally you don’t have to insert any coins, but you do need to select the value of your bet – which will be taken from your balance once you select the deal button. So, with the bet amount decided, you press the draw button to receive five cards. With these cards you need to make the winning combinations shown on the screen, so you need to select cards you wish to hold onto and which ones you want swapped out when you draw – most machines will automatically hold when you draw a winning combination, but they can be un-held by clicking on them or their adjacent button.

Once the held cards have been selected, press draw for the cards that weren’t held to disappear for you to receive newly drawn cards from in their place. These new cards alongside your held cards forge your final hand, revealing if you won or not – but the fun doesn’t finish there.

You can just take your winnings and get them in your balance, nice and easy. But a lot of video pokers offer a follow-up game which is often of the double or nothing nature. On a lot of games, if you select double instead of cash out, you’re met by one face-up card and four face-down cards; you need to select one of the facedown cards and hope that it’s higher than the face-up card to double your money.

Some online video poker for real money games don’t request you find a higher number in the bonus round, but rather the same suit or a lower number, so be sure to read the rules beforehand – not that it would greatly impact your blind selection process.

After a game has been played, you simply select the amount that you want to bet, press deal, and do it all over again. It’s a very fast and very simple game that many players from Canada love to binge.

Odds in video poker

The odds in each video poker game greatly depend upon the game, as each one will offer different returns on their pay table. However, the best ones are known as 9/6 or “full pay” games, and they’re the ones that offer 9 to 1 on a full house and 6 to 1 on a flush. These full pay games are, unfortunately, quite few and far between, but the better game developers still offer 8/6 on their games, with 8 to 1 on a full house and 6 to 1 on a flush.

In video poker, you can win by making winning poker hands. With the games being run by a random number generator, your odds of getting a set hand is the same each time. So, here are the odds of landing certain hands in video poker:

  • Royal Flush ending hand: 1 to 40,000
  • Four of a Kind: 1 to 423
  • Full House: 1 to 90
  • Flush: 1 to 85
  • Straight: 1 to 80

When you play video poker for real money, you know that the house edge is going to be very minimal – making each win that much sweeter. On a standard full pay game of Jacks or Better video poker (where the minimum win is a pair of jacks or higher), the house edge is but a mere 0.46%, which is very small even when compared to other notoriously low house edge games like baccarat, some versions of craps, Pai Gow poker, Red Dog, European and French roulette, and even slot machines.

Variations of video poker

On our recommended video poker online casinos, you’ll be met with a huge amount of variety in the video poker sections. The vast majority of the video poker games play the same but are differentiated by the rules that give them their names.

For example, checking out Betway’s wide range of video poker games provided by online casino games juggernaut Microgaming, you can see a whole range of titles including Jacks or Better Poker, Deuces Wild Poker, Double Joker Poker, Aces and Faces Poker, Tens or Better Power Poker, and many more. The name of the video poker game tends to reveal how it varies from the others, but there’s always a help icon in the game to explain the exact rules if needed.

Another very popular type of video poker is the progressive video poker, which offers a progressive jackpot to its players. But, it must be warned that you need to play the maximum stakes to be in with a chance of winning it. Great progressive video poker game titles include Supajax, Jackpot Deuces Poker, and the Jacks or Better Progressive.

Video poker on the go

By way of a specialised real money video poker app, you’d be very hard pressed to find one as most of the time an operator’s video poker games are bundled in with their other casino games, such as the table games and slots. Even though video poker is wildly popular among online casino fans, it doesn’t warrant its own app.

So, to find a video poker app, you’ll need to check out our list of recommended video poker casinos to see which one both suits you and hosts a casino app. Almost all casino apps ran by our top casinos will have video poker games available as not only are they very simple to run and small in size, but many are created by top software developers like Microgaming, who are well known for making their games compatible with mobile methods of play.

All of our recommended casinos for Canadian players have mobile websites – thumping good ones at that. So you can rest assured that you will be able to indulge in some mobile video poker real money fun when on the go.

Join in on the video poker action!

It’s fast, fun, and very easy to play, so why wouldn’t you want to get in experience the thrills of online video poker? Check out our list of top video poker casinos to make sure that you pick the best casino for your video poker and other online casino needs.